Custom vs Production Builder

Custom Builder Pros

A truly unique product

Custom builders begin with ideas. They start from scratch. You can bring your own plans if you want, or you can sit down and create something yourself. Custom builders build to your specifications, which makes each home unique.

Choose your own architect

A custom builder might have plans, favorite designers and architects, but you are not required to use any of them. You can choose your own architect. You can have your favorite architect draw your plans. A custom builder will build your unique design from those drawings. You aren’t limited to certain designs and specifications.

Freedom of choices

Want a spacious kitchen with more cabinets? Higher vanities in the bathrooms? A huge pantry? You can! Custom means no restrictions. You have the freedom to choose what you want.

More say

Using a custom builder means not being a spectator on the sidelines. Your new home is a collaborative process. You have more say, giving you control and delivering a superior experience. What you see being built is what you want.

Production Builder Cons

Restricted to existing plans

Production builders build and rebuild the same few plans. They do this to be able to predict cost. The only differences between homes is often subtle. Your home is not only not unique but sometimes identical to several others.

Limited Customizing

Production builders can be strict on changes, disallowing what might be considered minor like changing the height of a bathroom vanity. Unless they have plans with more than one layout, production builders do not allow changes. If during construction you notice that you'd like the house larger, or to move windows or doors, you won't be able to. Production builders resist all attempts to customize the plans. They build a plan, not your "dream home."

Limited choices

When choosing things like carpet, tile, counters and fixtures, you’ll pick from a set of pre-chosen options that the builder allows. Restricting choices keeps prices predictable but it could make you feel stuck with options you don’t really love.